Captains File: India

By on September 15, 2016

Captains File: India.

From Nayudu to Kohli: India’s Test Cricket Captains.

Captains File: India

Captains File: India

Captains File: India is the latest book from Rob Harvey, documenting the wonderful history of India’s Test cricket captains, from 1932 to the present day.

From the days of the Maharajas and Nawabs when one had to be royalty to lead India into battle, a position no commoner was fit to fill, to the modern day of helmets and television, stump cams and DRS, India’s 32 finest are here together for the first time.

The Colonel CK Nayudu reportedly disallowed his players from drinking water at the drinks break. The Maharajkumar of Vizianagaram “did not understand field placings or bowling changes and never maintained any regular batting order.” Mansoor Ali Khan lost the vision in his right eye in a car accident and six months later made his debut for India. Three Tests later and he was the captain. The man he replaced, Nari Contractor, nearly died after receiving a blow on head while batting in the West Indies.

Allegations of ball tampering, match fixing, too aggressive, too defensive, a few tears, a Tied Test match and a team all out even though only five wickets were down. And some missing teeth. This and so much more in Captains File India, From Nayudu to Kohli, India’s 32 Test Cricket Captains.

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